Recently retired Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade is enjoying life as he discovers the things he's been missing out on while he was busy being a basketball star—you know, things like car washes and Old Navy. Wade's actress wife Gabrielle Union visited The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about what it's been like having her husband around more often. She said that she's been spending much of her time showing him the mundane activities of day-to-day life with hilarious result.

"He has no idea what's happening," she joked. "When he got into the NBA, he didn't have any money. He was pretty close to poverty and then he's retired and does okay for himself, but he's like, 'What is this place? It's got all kind of khaki shorts and cargo shorts, and there's all different colors!' I'm like, 'That's Old Navy.'"

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

"He's never been to a car wash. He's like, 'I love it there!'" she said. "He has no idea how much milk costs. He's like, 'What is that? Like $20?' I'm like, 'No! What kind of goat's blood milk are you...?' He's like Rip Van Winkle. He has no idea."

Corden said that it must be easy to come up with ways to excite Wade. "This must be easy for you. 'I've got the best day planned! We're gonna go to Target!'" he joked. Union said, "We've got an amazing trip planned to the veterinarian. We have five dogs and he's never been to the vet. He's like, 'So, is there a V.I.P.?'" I'm like, 'No. There's a general waiting room where we take the dogs.' He's like, 'Then what?' I'm like, 'They get treated. Like the other dogs.' It's all discovery. He's so excited."

Corden replies, "Wow. This is a documentary that I would love to watch."