Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade got married almost four years ago and ever since that day a lot of fans have called their marriage couple goals. It's easy to do so, especially since the actress revealed a story of how her Miami Heat NBA player husband once filled her trailer with flowers and love cards. Even if that's a goal, Gabrielle advises people to not use her relationship with Dwayne as your inspiration. 

"Stop listening to people who have failed miserably at relationships as they offer relationship advice; that’s the first thing. Second, my “perfect” relationship isn’t the next person’s. Stop comparing your life, your love and your marriage," Gabrielle told Ebony. "Everyone [doesn’t] have to match for it to be real, amazing and beautiful. It only needs to be [those three things] to you. Don’t try to have a relationship for the sake of other people because you’re going to be empty inside."

As for what Gabrielle thinks a relationship should bring to you, she said: "Make sure that it brings you peace, that it allows you to have grace and that it brings you a ton of joy. How that takes shape, what it looks like, whom you chose, [is up to you]."