Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have certainly done alright for themselves. With three Emmy Awards (and eight more nominations) for their work on Thrones, including a recent win for Best Drama Series, the duo have helped bring a brilliant adaptation of George R.R. Martin's sprawling opus to life. Now, with the final season set to conclude by the end of May, the HBO showrunners will be free to pursue one of their other commitments: helming the next Star Wars trilogy. Of course, this will have to arrive after they're done nursing the post-Thrones finale hangover, which might last a few days. 

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Now, a new report has indicated that the rest period will be short and sweet, as the boys are apparently eyeing an autumn shoot schedule. While neither Benioff or Weiss has confirmed the validity of the rumors, it wouldn't be surprising given Disney's status as a well-oiled machine, and the arrival of the soon-to-be-concluded Skywalker saga

As for content, it has been rumored that the film will be set during the age of the Old Republic, which gamers might recognize from the classic Bioware joint Knights Of The Old Republic. It's certainly an interesting pairing, as Benioff and Weiss have done excellent work on Thrones, which is considerably more character-centric a series. Hopefully, some of their experience can translate into this newfound Star Wars trilogy, as the beloved George Lucas brainchild has been treading water of late. 

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