While Game of Thrones final season has since aired and come to an end, leaving fans around the world mourning or disappointed, it remains that the season was full of truly captivating. Many memorable scenes can be cited through it all and of these scenes, we count the unforgettable way in which Arya killed the Night King. The assassination tactic birthed the comical Arya Stark Challenge wherein social media users attempted to recreate the moment using a different set of objects such as pencils and rulers. Most recently, the Game of Thrones franchise went onto releasing a documentary which offered a behind the scenes into the beloved series' final season. Precisely, the Arya Stark vs. Night King scene was discussed.

In the Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, the show's executive producer Bryan Cogman describes the epic scene altogether while answering the intriguing fan question: how did Arya manage to even get this close to the Night King in the first place? Considering the camera angles, Arya truly appeared as though she landed from the sky. Well in the doc, Cogman answers the question by explaining: "Something is hurtling towards him out of the darkness – Arya. She vaults off a pile of dead weights, leaps at the Night King, and she plunges the dagger up through the Night King’s armor. The Night King shatters."