With Game Of Thrones season 8 hype reaching an all-time high, HBO has taken it upon themselves to launch a few innovative marketing tactics. The acclaimed network has officially taken to the wilderness, hiding a life-sized Iron Thrones replica for fans to discover. Posting a lengthy, 360-degree stream of the Throne standing imposing in a forested setting, HBO has pledged to hide another one upon its discovery. Thus begins the #ForTheThrone campaign, impressive in the sense that it does, in true fantasy spirit, encourage questing.

Though the first remains unfound, another Throne appears to have popped up in a snowy environment, evocative of the landscape beyond the wall. In truth, it's hard to imagine how one might deduce either of the Iron Throne's locations. It's entirely possible that each place is tied to the series to some degree, but that would leave the majority of the replicas in Belfast, Iceland, Croatia, or Spain. Still, many have already placed their detective hats on and taken to speculating, with many YouTube comment sleuths chiming in with their theories.

HBO is still waiting for someone to claim the prize, and interested participants can check out more details here. While it's certainly an investment to pursue, the idea of stumbling upon an Iron Throne during one's travels would make a truly compelling party-anecdote. What say you at channeling your inner adventurer, in the name of Game Of Thrones?