Game of Thrones is a series which surely captured the hearts of millions. Reports revealed the season eight's premiere as having gathered a massive 17.4 million viewers in front of their television screens to witness the epic battle of Winterfell. Though the show's action-packed formula, coupled with suspense, shameless sex scenes, and zombified nemesis, may be all it takes to retain the attention of all, it is fair to say nothing beats the viewership reactions. Countless fans take their live opinions to the shows' most dazzling moments to their social media, which easily serves as gut-splitting entertainment.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last night's episode succumbed the same treatment as usual and was no match for the viewers who broke every single moment down to its microscopic detail. The captured reactions varied in text, video, image, and gifs--indeed the best of it all was captured through memes. The following reflects a compilation of the most hilarious and accurate memes which followed the explosive second episode of Game of Thrones' season 8. This is, of course, to keep the momentum going while we wait for the upcoming third episode of the series, an episode certain to keep our eyes glued to the screen through its entire 55-minute run.