No one has taken the NFL world by storm this season quite like Jacksonville Jaguars backup quarterback Gardner Minshew. The world was introduced to the mustachioed man after he replaced Nick Foles during the first game of the season. Minshew was cool, calm, and collected in the pocket and was completing the vast majority of his passes. Fans seemed to be surprised by Minshew's raw talent and once people found out what he looked like, they immediately deemed him a legend.

Simply put, Minshew is a man in his early 20s, yet he looks like a 40-year-old actor from the 1970s. His appearance immediately drew comparisons to the likes of Burt Reynolds and even Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite. If you remember, Uncle Rico lived out of an RV and consistently bragged about his days as a college quarterback. Funny enough, the Jaguars took notice and had the two meet each other. Of course, this led to a nice little photo-op on Twitter.

As soon as the photo made the rounds on social media, fans got excited at the prospect of some video content between the two. Uncle Rico is a bit of a cult legend when it comes to football pop culture, while Minshew has become an overnight sensation. The mere thought of Minshew and Uncle Rico attempting to throw a football "over them mountains" should be exciting.

Here are some of the best reactions to the meetup.