The biggest video game expo in the country is taking place this week in Los Angeles, and gamers worldwide will be treated to new and exclusive footage for upcoming games. Entitled E3, the massive expo gives game developers and publishers a chance to show off their new titles. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are also competing to make the biggest splash at the expo. For years PlayStation and Nintendo have had the edge on Microsoft when it comes to exclusive games, but the Xbox creators are looking to strike back by bringing one of their most popular titles back, Gears of War. 

The developers behind Fortnite brought Gears of War to life, but Microsoft bought them out and decided to run with the franchise. A trailer for the fifth installment in the series dropped today (June 11), and it appears that players will be in control of Kait Diaz, a supporting character in the last game. Diaz is haunted by nightmares of her family and the Locust Horde, which prompts her to leave her companions behind and embark on a mission to find out what's happening to her. Gears of Wars' main protagonist Marcus Fenix makes a quick appearance in the trailer, and hopefully, he plays a main role in the story. 

Gears of War 5 drops in 2019.