Rex Ryan hasn't been a very popular man recently thanks to his negative comments on ESPN. Recently, Ryan got into some trouble for the way he spoke about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Amari Cooper. Now, Ryan is getting some harsh words from the likes of Geno Smith, who was his quarterback on the New York Jets.

In a recent ESPN segment, Ryan spoke about Bill Belichick's success with the New England Patriots and roasted the legendary coach saying he would never have gotten it done with a QB like Smith. Smith saw these comments and immediately took to Twitter where he put his former bench boss on blast.

“My momma never liked dude he been a snake. . and y’all glorify it. . should’ve got fired after yr1,” Smith said. ”Truth is we won 8 games after ESPN had us winning two and he got his job back. .somehow I’m caught up in a feud and I’m the scapegoat. . Same guy that drafted me." Smith continued by saying “I could easily go on and on about the bs I see but truthfully I’m so happy I don’t even bother. God put me in this position where even my enemies gotta mention my name. so I just sit back and watch the show!"

Ryan has been making a lot of enemies as of late and it seems like even his former players can be subjected to the slander. We wonder who he will go after next.