Forbes has gathered a list of the highest earning actors in Hollywood, and the list may surprise you a bit. The list honors earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018. Of course, a couple Marvel stars make the top ten cut. Still, not many would have placed George Clooney as the number one earner. Clooney sold his Casamigos Tequila for $1 billion dollars, which give him an obvious boost. He earned a cool $239 million. 

Next in line is Dwayne Johnson, to nobody's surprise. Johnson makes money off releasing endless content, so whether the movie is a blockbuster hit or not, the former wrestling star is raking in big bucks. He earned a nice $124 million. In third place is Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., with $81 million based on his turn in Avengers: Infinity War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thor follows right behind Iron Man, as Chris Hemsworth takes fourth place with $64.5 million, with his checks for Ragnarok and Infinity War making up most of that amount. Rounding out fifth place, surprisingly, is Jackie Chan, who made $45.5 million.

Will Smith ($42 million), Akshay Kumar ($40.5 million), Adam Sandler ($39.5 million thanks to Netflix), Salman Khan ($38.5 million), and Chris Evans ($34 million), finish out the top ten highest paid actors in the last year, respectively. For the highest paid actress, Scarlett Johansson sits at number one with $40.5 Million. Angelia Jolie ($28 Million), Jennifer Aniston ($19.5 million), Jennifer Lawrence ($18 million), and Reese Witherspoon ($16.5 million) round out the top five highest-paid actresses, respectively.