Netflix just tapped George Clooney for a science fiction movie he is set to star and fully direct. The Netflix-special will be a Post-apocalyptic movie will be an adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton's Good Morning, Midnight which follows the journey of a lonely scientist named Augustine who is stationed in the Arctic and desperately attempting to connect another human being after the apocalypse. The story will parallel that of Sullivan, an astronaut on a spacecraft returning to Earth from Jupiter, who experiences similar struggles as she tries to return home. At some point, their stories will intertwine. Clooney is excited to direct the sci-fi thriller.

Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

"Grant and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with this incredible project. Mark is a writer we’ve long admired and his script is haunting. We’re thrilled to be working with our friends at Netflix as well," shared Clooney. Netflix will be the lucky recipient of the highly-anticipated film which continues to emphasize the platform's influence in the industry as of late. Clearly, Netflix is becoming a big player in the game with prior movie productions and collaborations with A-list actors like Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, and Keanu Reeves. We now look forward to this George Clooney-directed project.