George Floyd, in the wake of his death at the hands of the Minneapolis police, has re-ignited the Black Lives Matter movement with ferocity, and we hope too, will lead to systemic change within the institutions that rule the country. We're already seeing subtle movement in that direction, with police reform as well as police defunding being pushed across the nation, and Minneapolis' own police disbanding entirely. 

Following a private funeral, George Floyd's memorial was open to the public in Houston, Texas, yesterday. Many civilians, upwards of 6,300, poured in to pay their respects to the man who has become the catalyst for long-overdue change, and shone a light on injustices that plague Black people day in and day out.

George floyd funeral

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Today, he will be laid to rest. Floyd's body will be buried in the city of Pearland, and he will be transported to his final resting place by horse-drawn carriage. He will be buried next to his mother at the Houston Memorial Gardens, reports local news site KHOU.

Rev. Al Sharpton is expected to deliver the eulogy today, while Floyd Mayweather is also expected to attend the services-- he previously offered to pay for Floyd's funeral costs.

As the funeral continues today, you can watch the live stream of the service and procession below.

Rest in Power George Floyd.

george floyd funeral

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