The murder of George Floyd was among the biggest stories of the year. People from across the world stood in solidarity with Floyd and Black Americans who've been subject to systemic oppression with little resolution. The news story was inescapable, as was the footage of his murder at the hands of Derek Chauvin and the complicity of the three other officers by his side. 

Ramsey County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

The process for jury selection has already begun. Per TMZ, The Hennepin Special Juror Questionnaire was sent out to citizens who could be chosen to serve as jurors in the trial. The tabloid publication got their hands on the questionnaire which notifies citizens to refrain from consuming any sort of media relating to the case moving forward. However, the questionnaire also seeks to find out what these potential jurors already know.

"Did you, or someone close to you, participate in any of the demonstrations or marches against police brutality that took place in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death?" Asks the questionnaire. If the answer is yes, the questionnaire then asks to disclose whether they were carrying a sign and what was written on it.

"Did you or someone you know get injured or suffer any property damage during the protests that took place after George Floyd’s death?" and "Do you believe your community has been negatively or positively affected by any of the protests that have taken place in the Twin-Cities area since George Floyd’s death?" are among the other questions asked. 

Ultimately, the judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys are trying to make sure there are no biases among the jurors on the case to ensure that a fair trial takes place. 

We'll keep you posted on any more updates regarding the George Floyd case.