Anthony Joshua was heavily favored to defeat Any Ruiz Jr this past weekend in their heavyweight title fight but as the whole world knows at this point, Ruiz Jr pulled off the incredible upset. Ruiz Jr dropped Joshua in the seventh round and had the whole boxing world buzzing as the Mexican fighter was able to take home three belts. The two are slated to have a rematch a little later in the year and with Joshua's career on the ropes, boxing legend George Foreman is offering to manage the Brit.

"They're gonna have to go back to the gym. I think he'll be a greater fighter, Joshua now. If he goes back and gets his mind together. He's gonna even be better, but right now he better learn to box and he better get a good manager. I'll do it," Foreman told TMZ. "He needs someone like me."

Foreman also went on to say that he wouldn't want Joshua fighting against Ruiz again because that could only spell trouble. The former boxer also explained that Joshua still has a chance to be the best heavyweight in the world.

"One punch, uh huh. One punch is not gonna change that, or one knockdown is not gonna change that. He'll be back. He's in the mix. And, probably he'll be better," Foreman explained. "I'd bet on him the next time 'cause now he's gonna have something he should've had beforehand. Fear of being defeated. He didn't have that."

Who would you like to see Joshua fight next?