Carmelo Anthony is one of those players in the NBA who elicits some polarizing reactions. Some people out there will immediately praise him for his scoring ability, while others get on him for playing poor defense. However, ever since entering the NBA bubble, it's clear that Melo has found new life in his defensive game, and has been turning heads with just how good he can be. His defensive game has even caught the eye of former NBA head coach and NBA analyst Mark Jackson, who said Melo's former coaches are to blame for his poor defensive history.

Former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl was made aware of these comments and rushed to Twitter where he roasted Mark Jackson. In his tweet, Karl made reference to the fact that the Warriors became a dynasty when he left and that Jackson's history is no better than his own. It was a pretty scathing tweet that had NBA Twitter fully awake on the timeline.

Many were quick to point out that Jackson was the architect of that Warriors team, while others defended Karl noting that he didn't say a single incorrect fact.

Needless to say, these two former coaches won't be getting along anytime soon.