If you're a fan of the Sacramento Kings, then you are probably well-aware of George Karl and the issues he had with DeMarcus Cousins. Simply put, the two didn't exactly get along, and now that both men have moved on, they've been pretty honest about how they feel when it comes to one another.

“One of the worst coaches I’ve ever had," Cousins said during an interview with the "All The Smoke" Podcast. “Incredible mind. He’s just the worst coach. It’s just everything that comes with it.” Despite the negativity, at least Cousins had at least one compliment for his former coach.

Now, Karl has his own words for the former King, taking to Twitter where he responded to a tweet asking who people's least favorite players of the last ten years were. Karl was quite curt with his Tweet, saying "DeMarcus Cousins," all while adding a snake emoji.

This is pretty damning stuff although it would be interesting to know if Karl runs his own Twitter account considering he is older. While he would certainly echo these sentiments in person, it's peculiar to see such a high-profile coach call out a former player through Twitter in such a way.

Regardless, these two won't be friends anytime soon.