Fans of Game of Thrones are classified by their level of ardor achieved. Die-hards will sing the praises of George R. R. Martin for coming out with a 640-page non-canonical collection of short stories, feeding into their insatiable desire to consume all things Westeros. Lesser-fans will want to see the 6th novel completed. The slightest minority want to see a renewal of the HBO series and will abstain from any further commitment. 

George R. R. Martin decision to move ahead with his short-story collection Fire and Blood will at least speak to one part of his audience. For an auteur to spend so much time in the explication process, it's obvious that the wishes of his die-hard fans are of utmost important, for he relates to them best. Fire and Blood will explain the tricky dynamic between Targaryens and the land they inhabit. Rumor has it that the tory will be told in the first person perspective of Archmaester Gyldayn, a Citadel general. If that seems out of focus, you may need to familiarize yourself with Martin's The World of Ice & Fire companion book. Fire and Blood comes out on November 20th. Don't be late to the party.