George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in 2012, has threatened Jay-Z over a documentary the rapper is producing on Martin. According to a report from The Blast, Zimmerman threatened to "beat" the rapper and feed him to an alligator over what he claims to be harassment by the doc's team towards his parents.

Zimmerman says in the report that docuseries executive producer Michael Gasparro made unannounced visits to his parents and uncle's houses to film them. He says that they were "harassed," but would not divulge whether his family members agreed to be on camera. In reference to Jay-Z and Gasparro, who he's holding responsible, he said, "anyone who fucks with my parents will be fed to an alligator." He also made a disgusting reference to Trayvon's killing, for which he continues to show no remorse, saying, "I know how to handle people who fuck with me, I have since February 2012."

The docuseries in question is Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, which is based off of the book Suspicion Nation by attorney Lisa Bloom. It will center around Trayvon's life, his unjust killing, and Zimmerman's shocking acquittal.

On Instagram, Snoop Dogg denounced Zimmerman and defended Jay-Z, as well as remembering Trayvon and the system that failed him. "If one hair on jays hair is touched that’s when the revolution will b televised We one👊🏾 and to thank the system let the Bitch ass muthafucca get away with murder try it again, he said. "🙏🏾 Trayvon Martin Gone but not forgotten."

Jay-Z has not responded to Zimmerman's remarks.