With Jay-Z's documentary about Trayvon Martin set to debut in a few days, participants in the filming are reportedly afraid that George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot Trayvon, will retaliate against them. Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story will document the killing of a young black man, spurring the commencement of the Black Lives Matter movement. A private investigator worked with the crew to find several of Zimmerman's victims who had been abused by the man prior to Trayvon's murder. Recently, Zimmerman was charged with stalking Dennis Warren, the private investigator who had been speaking with Zimmerman's victims, and in new court documents obtained by The Blast, it appears that some of them are afraid that he may retaliate in the form of another murder.

In the files, Warren claims that several of the people he's interviewed while working on the documentary are alleged victims of Geroge Zimmerman's and while the subject wants to know who spoke out for the doc, the P.I. is refusing to divulge any information. According to the paperwork, the alleged victims are extremely scared of Zimmerman and "they do not want him to know what they said about him or have any contact with him." Warren signed an NDA when working on the series and would need the producers' permission should he decide to speak out.

The news comes from a stalking case where Zimmerman reportedly sent "67 text messages, 27 emails, called 55 times and left 36 voicemails over the course of nine days." Zimmerman has pled not guilty.