Late last week we broke news that Ian Connor – Yeezy model, A$AP stylist and self-proclaimed “King Of The Youth” – had been accused of sexual assault. Not even an hour after the accusations were posted on the Malika Anderson’s blog, Ian Connor was posting on Twitter to half-defend himself. However, these accusations were only hearsay on the internet at the time, and the Police Department had already closed for the weekend when the accusations were made.

Today, Broadly obtained records from the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia that show a report was filed regarding the sexual assault on December 16, 2015. You can find that report here. This gives credence to accuser’s statement that she waited until the investigation was (at least temporarily) closed before going public with the accusations. Broadly reports that the case is now open, according to a source within the police department. It also disproves Ian Connor’s theory that he was only being accused because he had just appeared on a magazine cover.

Shortly after Anderson posted her accusations, Chicago artist Jean Deaux posted her own personal story accusing Ian Connor of rape in 2013, the year before Anderson was allegedly raped. Both accusers have called Ian Connor a serial rapist. According to Broadly, they were able to reach Ian Connor via phone but he refused to make any comment. Instead, he posted a series of tweets further defending himself and categorically denying he's a rapist.