There's another fight on the horizon for Gervonta Davis, but this time it's a legal one. The champion boxer first found himself in trouble with the law back in November 2020 after he was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident in downtown Baltimore. According to a report by The Baltimore Sun, it was on November 5 when Davis was photographed at a nearby club where he was believed to be celebrating a recent boxing win. Later, police identified Davis as the second driver involved in a crash that left a woman with "fairly serious injuries," according to her lawyer.

Gervonta Davis, Car Accident, Car Crash, Indictment, hit-and-run
Mike Stobe / Stringer / Getty Images

On  Monday (March 22), it was announced that Davis was indicted on several misdemeanor charges including "failure to remain at the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, failure to render reasonable assistance to an injured person, driving on a suspended license and related charges." Davis was reportedly riding in a Lamborghini that ran a red light and crashed into the reported victim's 2004 Toyota Solara. The latter vehicle, which reportedly had four people inside aged 18 to 20, would later be described as "destroyed" as the Lambo, which had no license plates, also hit a fence and was no longer driveable. 

The Baltimore Sun further states that Davis could be looking at years of jail time if convicted. The identity of the alleged victims has not been shared. It's believed that Davis was injured in the accident but that has not been confirmed. Witnesses reportedly told authorities that after the accident, a black Camaro arrived at the scene, took items from the Lamborghini, and Davis and a woman fled the scene. The event was reportedly captured on surveillance footage.