Gervonta Davis is one of the best boxers in the entire world right now and at the age of 26, he is already a champion who could one day become one of the best to ever step into the ring. He is backed by the likes of Floyd Mayweather and there is no doubt that if he keeps winning, he will be mentioned in the same breath as Mayweather in a few decades from now.

When it comes to his body, Davis hasn't been shy to cover himself in tattoos. Over the last few decades, tattoos have become widely accepted and numerous athletes have covered themselves as a result. Up until a couple of days ago, Davis had yet to get his back tattooed, although that all changed thanks to celebrity tattoo artist Josh Levario who has worked on Davis before.

Gervonta Davis

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Davis is from Baltimore and to pay homage to his city, he got a massive tattoo on his upper back that spells out the name of the city. It is an incredibly bold statement although Levario does a great job with the lettering and the shading. In a report from TMZ, it was revealed that the tattoo took three hours from start to finish.

Levario has done leg sleeves for Davis in the past, and we're sure these two will continue to work together moving forward. You can check out the new tattoo, as well as some of Levario's other work, in the posts below.