If you're involved in an ongoing domestic assault case in which you are pleading not guilty, it would probably be a good idea to not threaten violence against someone on Twitter in front of hundreds of thousands of followers. However, Gervonta Davis did exactly that and, most surprising of all, his damning tweet has yet to be deleted. Even if this tweet isn't used against him in court, there is supposedly more incriminating evidence that could result in a guilty verdict and jeopardize his professional boxing career. 

Davis' interaction with the Twitter troll began with Davis tweeting, "I was made for this." The troll decided to put Davis' grandiosity in check by replying, "What attorney u using for dem domestic charges bro?" Davis had a witty remark of his own to make, firing back with, "Relax before you be in ya bio with the rest of ya homies." His opponent's Twitter bio contained tributes to departed friends, so Davis' retort translated to a death threat.

At the beginning of February, a video went viral of Davis approaching his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child at a charity basketball game, grabbing her by neck and aggressively directing her out of the venue. Considering this incident was caught on camera and widely-circulated, Davis chose to turn himself in to the police. He was released shortly after, but this red flag caused an investigation to be launched into his history of domestic violence. Reports claim that police have stumbled upon yet another video of Davis assaulting his ex, namely by striking her in the face. Despite this footage, he has supposedly plead not guilty to the charge of simple battery domestic violence.