Unless you lived under a rock in 2003, you definitely heard/watched the video for 50 Cent's epic club banger "In Da Club." The video caught everyone's attention by showcasing a shredded AF Fiddy. It kicks off with a clip showing off the ripped rapper's physique as goes through (what seems like) a bunch of tests for some scientists (Dr. Dre and Eminem). The sequence includes him doing some cardio, by running on a treadmill, pumping some pretty intense looking chest presses, and perhaps most notably, dangling from the ceiling to perform his crunches.

Nowadays, when the rapper/actor is not busy trolling Floyd Mayweather, or calling up someone or another for a debt they owe him, he still maintains his incredible physique - probably what ended up landing him those acting roles. And now, you too can be ripped like Fiddy, as his "longtime strength and conditioning specialist," - his personal trainer for the past 15 years - Jay Cardiello, has taken to sharing the star's specially crafted workout plan. 

If you know about calisthenics, you know that this form of exercise utilizes body weight to build strength. This seems to be what Fiddy's trainer has been applying as the basis to his workouts, following 50's shootings back in 2000. At the time, he had taken a shocking 9 bullets to his face, hands and legs, which left him with "lasting physical limitations." "He lacked mobility in his shoulders, and his core strength was not were it needed to be for getting under a bar or running or jumping," Cardiello said. So, in order not to put too much strain on his muscles, the trainer devised a clever bodyweight routine to build those muscles, but keep them out of harm. However, it's not just the working out that you're going to have to be diligent about it if you wanna rock abs like 50... "We have to remember it's not all about fitness," Cardiello reminds us. "If you want to look like 50, you're going to spend more time sleeping, not pounding at the gym. You're going to spend more time on your nutrition. And if you want to train with me, you're going to focus on your mind." Check out the intense, full workout plan - which includes "Karate Kid Wall Sliders" and a "Shoulder Stability Complex" - on Men's Health.