Anyone who doesn't qualify Ghostface Killah as a legend should hold no shortage of Ls. Yesterday, Ghost-Dini emerged to hit Reddit's r/hiphopheads with an official AMA, in which he fielded a variety of entertaining questions. Though somewhat selective in his responses, Ghost did provide a few interesting tidbits surrounding his perspective on the game at large. Upon being asked about his current crop of favorite rappers, Ghost listed off a top 5: Nipsey Hussle, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Harley, and KO. 

The selections speak to Ghost's esteemed tastes, and his shout out to both Harley and South African rapper KO reveals an ear kept to the underground. Interestingly enough, Ghost has never actually collaborated with either Drake of Kendrick Lamar, though Drizzy did previously shout out the Wu on the aptly-named "Wu-Tang Forever." Not to mention, Ghost is but one of many OGs holding it down for the late Nipsey Hussle, a testament to Nip's legacy.

While the AMA remains relatively (in truth, extremely) brief, he does offer a cryptic update on his lost DOOMSTARKS project. When asked about the status, Ghost implores the fan to ask Doom, who apparently holds all of Ghost's parts. One has to wonder if that one will ever see the light of day. If it does, however, wouldn't it be nice to see a Kendrick Lamar feature on deck?

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images