Khris Middleton has been one of the key stars for the Milwaukee Bucks, however, some have questioned whether or not he is ready to be the number one option on a team. With Giannis Antetokounmpo as his teammate, Middleton has been able to serve his role as a more than solid second option who can unleash for some pretty impressive performances. Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks just so happened to be one of those instances as he scored 38 points, including 20 in the fourth quarter.

After Game 3, Giannis was asked about Middleton's performance and whether or not it bothers him that his teammate is considered to be more of a closer. As Giannis explained, his main goal is to win and that all of that ego stuff can be pushed to the side. He would much rather give the ball to the teammate with a hot hand, than try to do it all himself.

Khris Middleton

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

“I want to be a winner. I have the whole game to be ‘the guy.’ I don’t care about being the guy in the fourth quarter," Giannis said. "I trust Khris to death. If Khris asks for the ball, better give him the ball.”

This sort of team-first attitude has served the Bucks well throughout the postseason, and there is no denying that they have a very good shot at winning the title this year. If they do, then Giannis' legacy will be cemented forever.