Last week, Zion Williamson of the Duke Blue Devils went down with a knee injury after breaking through his shoe. It was a pretty nasty sight and basketball fans around the world were just hoping that Zion was going to be okay. Since the injury, a debate over whether or not Zion should play again this season has come to the forefront. Some believe that playing would end up opening him to the risk of another injury, while others feel as though he should finish what he's started. TMZ Sports caught up with Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokoumpo and asked him about his thoughts on the Williamson situation. 

Antetokoumpo was pretty sympathetic towards Zion and said that the Duke star should do whatever he needs to do to stay healthy, although Giannis also explained that he would just play. "I love basketball too much," he said.

Zion is due to make millions of dollars in the NBA and if he were to injure himself further, he could be risking his status as a potential first overall pick in the draft. 

Meanwhile, Giannis is having himself an MVP-worthy season as his Bucks are ranked first in the Eastern Conference and are a favorite to make the NBA Finals this year.