Game of Thrones is currently in its final season and yesterday, one of the most epic episodes in the show's history finally made it to air. Fans are anxious to see how the story ends, especially after having invested so much time into all of the characters. The story's creator, George R.R. Martin has created an incredible drama, although the drama he seems to be most concerned with these days surrounds the New York Giants. Martin is an avid New York football fan and yes that means he cheers for both the Jets and the Giants.

The Giants shocked the football world by choosing Daniel Jones with their sixth overall pick and Martin was about as confused as Joe Budden about the whole thing.

"[Jones] would have been there at 17," Martin wrote on his blog. "Why not take Josh Allen or one of the other defensive studs at 6, and Jones at 17?   Makes much more sense. Who else was going to nab him? The Skins? The Skins preferred Haskins, that was common knowledge. Everyone in the world except the G-Men preferred Haskins, so far as I can see."

Martin then went on to write about the team's 17th overall pick, Dexter Lawrence, who they got as part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. Needless to say, Martin is not impressed.

"[Lawrence] sounds like [former Giants defensive tackle] Snacks Harrison to me," Martin explained. "Who the Giants cut in mid-season because… ahem… 'all he did' was stop the run, he didn’t get sacks. After his release, Big Blue spent the rest of the season getting gashed by runs right up the gut. Had to fix that. So to fill the Snacks hole, we draft Young Snacks. All it cost us was a Hall of Fame receiver."

Jones will have to do a lot if he wants to please the Giants fan base who already hates him. An interesting season is definitely upon us.