To say that Gilbert Arenas isn't a Khloe Kardashian fan is an understatement. The NBA star is known for speaking his mind, especially when it comes to the Kardashians. Following the scandal surrounding Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods, Arenas took to Instagram to publicly shame Khloe's...well...private area.

“She needs to worry about her pu**y skills if every ni*** she dated cheated (pu**y trash). You know how horrible your p*say gotta be for a ni*** to f*ck a (22 year old) ?? She only been using her pu**y a few years She ain’t even a professional f*cker yet and he would rather deal with (C-minus vagina) He did t even cheat on you with a (LeBron type of talent #veteran) he went for a Trey young exciting but no playoff experience.”, Arenas wrote.

Recently, the headlines regarding the cheating scandal have shifted from slamming Jordyn Woods to defending her against the Kardashian-Jenner accusations, but as the controversy has died down, still no one has heard a peep from Thompson. There have been rumors that his relationship with his daughter True has become strained, but Khloe took to Twitter to assert that Thompson is a good father. However, Arenas, who has been a spectator to this news story like the rest of the world, added his two-insider-cents to the mix by saying that Khloe isn't telling the truth and using her daughter as a pawn.

“OMG the contradiction here,” Arenas wrote on Instagram. “U wrote just last week Tristan doesn’t want to spend time with his daughter. U wanted the public to bash him for not wanting to spend time with his daughter…what u left out was (HES IN SEASON) so there’s no way he can spend time with her….so u should have just said…(i wanted to fly True out to see him, and he rejected ME) becuz we all know u ain’t letting True fly with anyone else to go see her daddy. He rejected seeing u NOT seeing True. Stop using the child as the narrative to get around ur ex. We get it u still want him back but just stop using the baby.”

Khloe responded to a fan's criticism of Thompson on Twitter, telling the person that his relationship with True won't be hindered because of their breakup.