It was only a few weeks ago when Gillie Da King confirmed rumors that he had written for Lil Wayne during his days with Cash Money. In that same interview, Gillie didn't go too hard on Birdman but he did mention that part of the reason he left was because of bad business.

On the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Gillie made his feelings towards Birdman extremely clear when he and Wack 100 started arguing over Cash Money. With Blueface serving as the guest, Wack 100, who co-owns Cash Money West, leaped at Baby's defense, declaring the music mogul as the top indie executive in the world as Gillie flew off the handles. "What that got to do with being real?" Gillie asked Wack 100 who seemed like he was walking on eggshells. 

"All these n***as is fake bitch ass n***as,” Gillie screamed at Wack. “He robbed every n***a he came in the game with."

As Wack tried to claim that it was more or less Gillie's fault that the deal with Cash Money went left, Gillie grew even more furious. Gillie explained that he had signed a deal with Birdman but didn't sign off his publishing and when Cash Money wanted his publishing, Gillie didn't budge.

Gillie's unresolved issues towards Birdman stem from the early 2000s but apparently, even those close to him are tired of hearing his grievances towards Cash Money. Wallo slammed Gillie at one point in the interview for still bringing up these problems.

"Fuck outta here! Don't you ever disrespect Birdman... You still got the panties in your ass," Wallo told Gillie. "Let that shit go. Cash Money records. That's why he fuckin' with me. I'm tired of this shit. I don't want to hear that shit no more about no fuckin' Birdman on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game."

Unfortunately, that just got Gillie riled up even further. After Wallo poked his face, the two looked just about ready to square up. Peep the video below.