Gina Carano of The Mandalorian fame, says that despite her tumultuous exit from the show, she does not have an issue with everyone at Disney. Carano recalls Pedro Pascal as being a friend who she adored.  Disney parted ways with Carano after she compared modern-day conservatives with the Jewish people during the Holocaust, as well as numerous other controversial posts on social media.

Gina Carano, Pedro Pascal
Jesse Grant / Getty Images

“I adore Pedro. I adore him. I know he’s said and done some hurtful things. I don’t think posting anybody’s number on social media is okay, ” she told Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, in reference to Pascal posting Senator Ted Cruz’s office phone number on Twitter in early January.

She continued: “But we had an agreement after we realized we were a little bit politically different. We had an agreement that, first and foremost, you’re a human being. And you’re my friend first.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Carano claims that Disney is guilty of "bullying" other conservatives: “I’ve been through so much, and I’ve seen so much now, clearly, of the bullying that’s been taking place, and I saw it before. I’m not the only one that’s ever been bullied by this company, and I know that so deeply. I could share a story which would turn things around in the media but I can’t because it would sell out a friend…Everyone is afraid of losing their job.”