Tyrese took to Instagram yesterday to announce the split of TGT, his R&B supergroup with singers Ginuwine and Tank. The big news is not the group's breakup so much as how it went down -- Ginuwine, furious with Tyrese's IG post, clapped back with a post of his own:

“Wow really to post personal Bizns shit is a pussy move nigga why would you do that and since you wanna do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA lets get it!!!!!! be a fucking man not a lil boy talk to me call don’t try and manipulate the situation publicly wack wack wack of you. Exactly why it is the way it is.”

Tyrese most likely angered Ginuwine when he wrote, "We have been forced to start looking into someone else…… Or me and T just might do it solo." While Tank handled the whole situation diplomatically, Tyrese fired back with a photo of a dude punting an unsuspecting dude off a cliff, with the following caption:

"You reach out your hand....... Build people UP.... Put people ON.... Expose them to your blessed life and lifestyle..... They talk shit, year you down and spread your business to make themselves look BIGGER and more important that what they really are...... They get so consumed in YOUR life they start thinking they are YOU..... Ahahahahahaaaaa.... You cut them off and they fizzle away..... It's happened too many times for me NOT to speak on it... This is NOT just a celebrity thing... It's called LIFE...... I hate to break the news to you..:. But there's only one man named TYRESE GIBSON....... A real child of God who refuse to put up with anybody's BS!!!"

TGT formed in 2007 and produced just one studio album, 2013's Three Kings. See the acrimonious Instagram exchange below in all its glory.