Ginuwine is a man of many talents. So much so that the RnB singer has officially foregone mere mortality; instead, he has simply become "entertainment." Ginuwine took to Instagram to announce his addition to the Buchwald, an entertainment company that specializes in music, television, and film. "I’m so excited I get to get all of this creative things outta my head," he writes, via Instagram. "Only artist understand what im saying, and to have now a platform to do what I want it’s about to be crazy." 

The joie de vivre is undeniable. If he's feeling himself, who can really blame him? After all, the man has contributed much to the game, and now he'll be given ample room to flex his creative muscles. Given Buchwald's multidisciplinary interests, Ginuwine will have free reign to pursue whichever avenue he deems fit. From the sound of his exuberant IG announcement, it would appear he's eyeing the cinematic realm, with plans to dive into action, drama, and his genre of choice - horror.

At 47, Ginuwine's career has expanded beyond music. The man has been recently dabbling in acting, landing roles on Park & Recreation, as well as the Bravo reality show Your Husband Is Cheating On You. Clearly, the sky is the limit for Ginuwine, and the man deserves some congratulations for taking his dream to the next level. Peep the full statement below, via Instagram.