Gisele Bündchen is one of the most famous models in the world but back in 1998, she was just starting out her career in the industry. The then-18-year-old was chosen to walk in Alexander McQueen's infamous "Golden Shower" show, which she considers to be her big break. Of course, she was excited but when it came down to prepping her actual runway look, the star began to weep. They had wanted her to strut down the catwalk without a top on, which she did not understand because of her limited English. At the last minute, a make-up artist stepped in to cover her chest with a heavy layer of white paint but she still cried as she made her way down during the show. In her new memoir Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, Gisele tells the dark story.

Photos of the Brazilian model with tears streaming down her face have resurfaced 20 years later, showing her with the coat of paint somewhat covering her breasts as she tries to remain professional. Somehow, even through her trauma, she still looks stunningly fierce. She detailed the situation in the memoir, writing, "Val [the makeup artist] told me how beautiful it looked and said that the runway was so dark nobody would know. If Val hadn’t shown up then, I seriously doubt I could have walked the runway." 

She added that she was embarrassed by what her parents would think of her, saying, "I was a good girl. I was a tomboy. I was someone whose big breasts had embarrassed her since she’d hit puberty. I was a girl gripped by the fear that my family would feel so embarrassed they would never talk to me again. I was terrified." Read about it in her new memoir and peep the photos here.