While the early reports indicate that Kanye West has surrendered all his MAGA hats to an unknown disciplinary body, and rapper/friend GLC is certain it'll never happen again. Kanye's longtime friend is, last I heard, still signed to G.O.O.D. Music in some capacity, so it's not at all surprising that a majority of his recent interview with Van Lathan was spent talking about the sunken genius. Check out this 1-minute clip taken from Van Lathan's in-studio recording of the "The Red Pill Podcast."

According to GLC, Kanye gave him his solemn word he would stop supporting Donald Trump, by sporting the hat or otherwise. GLC says the convo transpired a few weeks ago, which in turn has TMZ digging deep into the timeline for inconsistencies. As they point out, Kanye West tweeted went on a pro-MAGA, pro-Trump Twitter rant on New Year's Day - which for all intents and purposes, doesn't appear to invalidate GLC's claim of a week's worth of reasonable doubt.

After withstanding a bit of pressure from his host, GLC finally admitted that he was never behind Kanye West's decision to rock the MAGA hat, but stood but he stood by him regardless, as "chosen family" often does. Back in May of last year, GLC deemed it necessary to openly criticize his friend right after the now-infamous TMZ interview. But in hindsight, if it weren't for brutally honest confidantes like GLC, Kanye West would be in the hands of the wrong prophets, would he not?