If you haven't grown weary of movies that pit two opposing sides of iconic characters against each other (Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Alien VS. Predator, Monsters VS. Aliens, etc)then you may be in luck. Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty is aching for a Godzilla VS Avengers matchup, but his wishes aren't that far fetched. For those who are sitting here thinking, "what do the Avengers have to do with Godzilla," you're in for a surprise. Back in the 1970s, Marvel Comics owned the licensing rights to Godzilla. There was an issue where Godzilla battles the Fantastic Four and an Avengers team made up of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Yellow Jacket, Scarlet Witch, and Wasp. Dougherty tweeted out a picture of the comic with the caption, "This movie would make the world a better place."

Even though Disney now owns almost everything (Marvel, Lucasfilm, ESPN, ABC, Fox, and much more), they do not have the rights to Godzilla. Warner Bros. has control over the King of the Monsters, and they plan on making a King Kong crossover next year. While it would be amazing to see Tony Stark and company take on Godzilla, the chances are slim.