Usually, when a team wins a championship in their respective sport, they get invited to the White House for a visit with the President. The President makes a speech, there is a nice little photo-op and then everyone goes on their way. Since President Donald Trump was elected, many teams have decided not to go for the ceremonial visit due to his divisive politics. One of those teams is the Golden State Warriors who skipped out on their White House visit after winning the NBA title in 2017. The team had visited President Barack Obama in 2016 and just yesterday, the team paid another visit to him as the team was in Washington, DC to take on the Wizards.

According to ESPN, the visit lasted for about an hour and took place in President Obama's office. The trip was reportedly set up by Steph Curry who has become friends with the former President over the last few years.

The trip must have given the team some good luck as they defeated the Washington Wizards 126-118. The win improved the Warriors record to 34-14 on the season and extended their win streak to nine games.

They are first place in the Western Conference and are favored to make another championship run.