In November, GoldLink had his ass handed to him by Anderson .Paak for speaking ill of the late Mac Miller. For some reason, GoldLink thought it would be a good idea to write a long-winded IG post about how Mac's The Divine Feminine was essentially a rip-off of his own album, And After That, We Didn't Talk. Obviously, this post did not land well with Mac's friends or fans.

GoldLink was slandered online for disrespecting someone who is no longer here to defend himself. GoldLink did try to defend himself from the backlash, insisting that his post was "about love" and claiming Mac was still "one of the realest n***as [he] ever met." Despite this back-pedalling, he didn't appear to be too apologetic about his remarks. "So I don't give a fuck what nobody say. But if anybody got anything to say, suck my big black dick from behind my ass cheeks," he fumed during one of his concerts.

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

While people may still hold GoldLink accountable for what he did, he still seems to be unfazed. On Tuesday, he shared two videos on Instagram of him performing at the Afropunk festival in Johannesburg last week. He interpreted the crowd turning up to his hit, "Crew", as evidence of the fact that many people are still rocking with him. "Cancelled feels nice," he boasted in the caption.