The Grammy nominations are in and while we sit here and scratch our heads on how certain artists got an Album of The Year nod over other artists (we won't name names just yet) (but we think it's obvious) GoldLink has come through with a no mercy statement about this year's nominations list. Noname has already said her piece and now the "Crew" rapper has echoed her sentiments loudly. 

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

GoldLink dropped off his Diaspora album this year that featured beloved tracks such "U Say" and "Days Like This" with an album cover that features his girlfriend, Justine Skye. GoldLink's words on the Grammys isn't about preaching for his own album's placement, but rather a nod to other acts he believes deserves just as much recognition. 

"Tyler got one fuckin nomination in a category he didn’t even participate in knowing damn well he deserved album of the year. Burna Boy deserves more, Koffee deserves more," he wrote. "DaBaby couldn’t “qualify” for best new artist apparently because he had “mixtapes” in the past. No nod to Solange for taking a risk pushing the boundaries when nobody else was brave enough to do so."

GoldLink goes on to question why a category of "internationally black artists" is not present in the award show. "Wtf do you think these kids learn when you tell them there black art isn’t good enough?" he asked. "I am no longer participating in that wild ass slave ass political ass cheating ass game any longer," he made it clear. Read in full below.