Back in November, Justine Skye spoke out against an unnamed romantic partner who'd allegedly abused in a physical manner. As a result, the Internet went on a goose hunt in search of the person's identity. Skye found the moment fitting for a confession of sorts, being that November was "Domestic Abuse Awareness" month on social platforms, with thousands upon thousands of women taking part in a collective healing ritual.

As time progressed, the Twitterverse was soon able to narrow their search to one guilty party, Harlem rapper Sheck Wes. Yet still, the Sheck Wes allegations remained a speculative matter.. that is until GoldLink entered the discussion in support of Skye.

In the latest episode of A COLOR SHOW, GoldLink performed a nod to Skye titled "Justine’s Interlude" a short song with a subtle reference to Sheck Wes's (rumored) tumultuous relationship with the singer. "So many stories about you and so and so who from Harlem," raps GoldLink in an effort not to reveal overly confidential material.

"And ain’t too many from Harlem, so take a guess," GoldLink continues, "I’m tired of hearing about if this n***a put hands on ya, tired of tryna smile through sh*t that’s affecting us." Soon after "Justine's Interlude" went to press, Skye retweeted a "thank you" heart emoji to her friend in need, along with the video's URL. Give it a spin (up above) and be sure to hit us with your thoughts on all the overlapping issues that concern this piece.