Tyler, The Creator is a man who wears many hats. On top of his music, he has a Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur imprint which are both directly tied to Converse. We have seen plenty of Golf Le Fleur Converse sneakers over the last couple of years, and now, we are getting a Golf Wang offering that will surely appeal to his fan base.

As you can see from the Instagram posts below, the shoe has Gold Wang branding on the side panels, while the left and right shoes have a mismatched aesthetic. Both shoes, however, do contain the same colors except they are mostly laid out differently. Here, we see some blue, red, and yellow which helps to mix things up a bit. Overall, this sneaker stays true to the aesthetics Tyler has created in the past, so die-hard fans will certainly enjoy these.

If you are interested in copping these kicks, you can do so right now for $100 USD over at Converse.com. If you missed out on them, they will also be dropping later today over at Solebox, asphalt gold, and AFEW at 6 PM EST. Let us know what you think, in the comments below.