Gordon Hayward recently signed a massive four-year deal with the Charlotte Hornets worth $120 million. Many fans have debated the merits of the contract although there is no denying that Hayward is in for a huge payday while playing for the legendary Michael Jordan. Although while Hayward was given a massive contract, it doesn't seem like his money has resulted in very much skill when it comes to cooking.

In the clip below, Hayward can be seen putting together a Thanksgiving turkey that doesn't look very appetizing, and we're certainly putting that mildly. As you can see, it's almost as if the turkey has been completely disintegrated, leading to a pretty sad-looking bird.


For many of you reading this, Thanksgiving is a special time that is filled with some incredible foods. However, turkey is always an after thought as mac & cheese, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie ultimately steal the show. With this in mind, we are hoping Hayward had better luck with the sides than he did with the turkey.

Of course, the internet immediately took notice of Hayward's turkey and made sure to roast him about it on social media. In the tweets below, you can see just how savage some basketball fans were with their criticisms.

Let us know whether or not you would eat Hayward's Thanksgiving dinner, in the comments below.