For the past week and a half, internet users have been invested in Tessica Brown's hair journey. Dubbed "Gorilla Glue Girl," Brown went viral on social media when she shared a TikTok confessing that her hair had been stuck in the same style for a month after she used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray in her hair when she substituted it in place of normal hairspray. After heading to the ER for help dealing with the situation to what seems like no avail, TMZ reports that Tessica is heading to Beverly Hills this week for a lengthy procedure to remove the adhesive. 

The outlet reports that Tessica got an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng to assist her with fixing her hair troubles. She is reportedly flying from Lousiana to Los Angeles Wednesday (February 10) to have the procedure done, and the good samaritan doc estimates it will take 2 or 4 days to completely remove all of the Gorilla Glue. 

Sources tell TMZ that Dr. Obeng feels so bad he's performing the procedure for free. This is no small gesture, as the outlet also reports the estimated cost of the procedure is $12,500. 

Chance the Rapper showed support for Brown, wishing her the best of luck in her efforts to remedy her rock-hard hair. While many have mocked the Louisiana native for her predicament, Chance shared some encouraging words for Tessica. "I’m glad mfs actually supporting her thru this," he penned in a tweet. "When I watched the video the second time it was hard to laugh cause I could tell shorty genuinely didn’t know she had put one of the worlds most powerful adhesives in her shit. I hope she recovers well."

Tessica has reportedly also been looking into suing the Gorilla Glue company. The company described the situation as "very complicated" following the reports.