Despite being a cartoon band, the Gorillaz have made an impact on reality with their Demon Dayz festival. One year after the original show, the Demon Dayz Festival has returned with a change of location and an all new lineup of artists. 

While it's not a massive festival, as it takes place over a single day, they've still put together an interesting lineup of artists to see. The headlining performer here is Erykah Badu, who had mentioned years ago that she was working on a project with the Gorillaz that has yet to see the light of day. Some other highlights include: DRAM, The Internet, and Kilo Kish. Considering that DRAM has worked with the Gorillaz already, it wouldn't be a stretch to view this lineup as some kind of preview of potential collaborators for the Gorillaz upcoming albumThe Now Now. Naturally, the Gorillaz will also be taking the stage as well. It is their festival, after all. 

The festival will take place on October 20th, at the Pico Rivera Sports Area & Grounds, in Los Angeles. While the 2017 festival was held in Margate, England, this year the festival will make its way to the West Coast, perhaps in reflection of the new music from the band. Their latest single, "Humility," takes plenty of inspiration from the sunny boardwalks of California. 

If you happen to be in L.A. in October, consider checking the Demon Dayz Festival out, or just check out their new album when it drops on June 29th. See the full festival lineup down below.