Gotham has been a shining light for DC's television shows since it launched back in 2014. Although shows in the interconnected Arrowverse have garnered millions of fans, nobody commands an audience's attention like Batman. Although the Caped Crusader is still a boy throughout the show, Batman's rogue gallery is integral to the plots of Gotham. Last season ended with a set up for the classic storyline "No Man's Land," and Bane is set to be introduced in the show's final season. Fox has been teasing the show's farewell season for months, but fans now have a premiere date for the beginning of the end. 

According to EWGotham's final season will premiere on Thursday, January 3. The fifth season was slated to feature ten episodes, but Gotham showrunners have expanded the outing to 12 episodes. The two additional episodes will push Gotham into 100 episode territory, which is the television show sweet spot. The industry standard for shows to reach syndication sits at the 100 episode mark, which means fans will likely see Gotham reruns sent to another station. Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova took to Twitter to announce the return of the show, while also touching briefly on a heartfelt moment she shared with the cast.