The upcoming film Gotti, which recounts the debauchery of John Gotti and his distinct legacy within New York's organized crime circles, has been plagued with setbacks. The motion picture was initially scheduled to be released in December 2017, however, a dispute with the distributor effectively resulted in a cancellation a mere ten days before its theatrical debut. 

The crew backing the John Travolta-led project have been able to mend their internal strife and are sending it to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival; they have also unveiled an official trailer in order to galvanize excitement. 

The short clip features all the hallmarks of a classic gangster film: smoked-filled boardroom meetings, oaths of loyalty, assassinations, snitches, a tortured wife (played by Travolta's real-life spouse Kelly Preston) trying to brush off her husband's shady profession, as well as some particularly shoddy parenting. 

Gotti is the third directorial effort from Kevin Connelly, who is most known for playing E on the hit HBO series Entourage. After it's Cannes debut, the film is expected to be rolled out in theatres on June 15. Peep the trailer below: