It looks like I'm going to be making some severely questionable choices this holiday season. Japanese manufacturer Yume MRC just announced their latest Draon Ball piece: a life-size resin statue of Vegeta. That's correct. You can bring the Prince of Saiyans home with you for a minimal fee of $3990. The massive sculpture of Vegeta places the anime hero in Super Saiyan form, wearing his famous armor. 

For true fans, Yume is dropping a $4680 special edition version of the statue. It comes with a life-size bust of Vegeta, that is interchangeable with the statue to bring the Saiyan back down to his base form. The bust also features the infamous Saiyan scouter.  

The base of the statue features blue and yellow lights for those who wish to bask their purchase in a cinematic light. With the base beneath his feet, Vegeta stands at 6'9, towering over the majority of friends that you invite over to check out the purchase. You can check out the full gallery and buy the statue here.

A new Dragon Ball Super movie will be launching in Japan next month before heading to the states in January. Toei Animation is finally making Broly canon, although it looks like some other Dragon Ball lore will be altered.