It's been nearly eight years since Rockstar unveiled Grand Theft Auto 5 with plenty of fans anticipating the next installment in the iconic video game series. There have been updates surrounding GTA 6 over the years, though no concrete information on its release has been made available.

Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Internet sleuths and gamers alike have been hunting down any possible sign or update surrounding the video game but it appears that Rockstar may have dropped a massive clue. The video game company dropped a job advertisement seeking game testers in different parts of the world including India and Edinburgh. Rockstar didn't specify that they needed testers for GTA 6 but they did note that applicants should be familiar with their previous titles. One would assume Grand Theft Auto would be among those titles.

Unfortunately, there haven't been many updates aside from the job posting. Word on road is that Rockstar is currently preparing to re-launch GTA V for the latest consoles such as PS5 and XBox Series X|S. There's also a possibility that a standalone GTA online game would be coming.  Additionally, there have been some reports that 2022 or 2023 will be when the next installment of the game arrives.

In related news, an Illinois lawmaker proposed to ban Grand Theft Auto along with other violent video games in an attempt to thwart the surge of carjacking. No word on whether that proposal held up.