With so many of us staying home during the pandemic, video games have been a natural source of entertainment for every one of us. Whether you're spending your days playing 2K or hanging with your villagers on Animal Crossing, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all been glad to see increases in their product sales. In fact, it's become virtually impossible to purchase a Nintendo Switch in some parts of the country.

One game that people are really looking forward to playing is Grand Theft Auto 6. Every time a new GTA game is released or announced, fans can't seem to contain their excitement for the new version, anticipating it heavily on social media. After an investor's call by Rockstar Games, it looks like the timetable for the game's release is a touch clearer than before.

Rockstar's parent company Take-Two suggested in a recent call that the game would not be released before the end of this year, implying that 2021 or 2022 would be safe bets as it is still in its early development stages. 

According to OnSmash, the game's delay likely comes as a result of COVID-19, which halted production on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. GTA 6 was allegedly intended to be a launch game for both devices.

For now, it looks like Fall 2021 is the nearest we'll be getting GTA 6. Are you excited?

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