Though fans of Rockstar Games are likely indulging in the vast and wide-ranging world of Red Dead Redemption 2, many are still holding out hope for news on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. It's been six years since the last chapter of the acclaimed saga, which found Michael, Franklin, and Trevor capturing hearts, racking up digital body counts, and even doing a bit of tennis on the side. With such a long absence, and a relatively scarce news cycle to boot, it's no wonder that a recent GTA 6 rumor has picked up such steam. 

Uproxx points to a report from a British Tabloid of all places, which means the following should be taken well-salted. Yet given the social climate, it certainly wouldn't be surprising to see. According to their report, one of the main leads will be a playable female character, marking the first in series history. With a lineup boasting Claude, Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Niko Bellic, and the aforementioned trio, the shoes are certainly tough to fill, gender aside. Yet Rockstar's characterization has been generally solid across the board, and seeing them bring a woman into the fold would be a cool and refreshing turn for the series.

Either way, we still might have to wait a while to see this one manifest. An industry analyst has already cited either 2021 and 2022 as likely release dates, which means we're probably looking at a new generation of consoles altogether. What do you make of this?